During a media event at the Richard Childress Racing facilities on July 13, 2011, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Clint Bowyer offered his thoughts on Bristol Motor Speedway, summing it up succinctly by saying, "It’s just the best bang for your buck in our sport."

"It's the best race track to go to and it always has been. Bar none, that’s the best display of what we do every week.”

“There is such a unique opportunity at Bristol to do a lot of different things because everyone is so close."

“If you go a football game, you get pumped up about what’s going to happen. You have that sensation way more at Bristol than any other track that we go to."

“If a fan comes to me and asks me, ‘Hey, we’ve got money to go to one race this year, what’s the one race we need to go to?’ That would be Bristol.”