"Everything makes that track special.  I went there as a kid, my dad would take me there to races and we'd made the long drive up, sit in a corner in the grass way back when.  It is just so much excitement, with the half mile, high bank track, there's always excitement going on.

"The fans are right on top of you at Bristol.  They do such a good job with the parade and all the surrounding events that they have. It is a real race fan’s dream to be able to go to Bristol, I think, and watch a race, especially the night race so makes a ton of fun for the drivers. I always look forward to going racing that weekend.  It was one of the first things I asked Kevin when I went to drive for him, was please let me drive the truck race there. 

"(To prepare for Bristol) you better be in shape. That’s rule number one, you better be in shape, which the new track is a little bit less aggressive as the old one, but, it’s tough because most tracks have a straight-a-way that gives you time to take a break, relax, kinda get fit again, and at Bristol, G’s are always pulling on you. You are always kinda either going accelerating or breaking or turning, so physically it is very demanding.  So you got to make sure your neck muscles and your shoulders and everything else is ready to go and mentally because things can happen so fast. You can be in turn 4, wreck in turn 2 and you can be in it like that.  It’s a fun place to race and exciting and it’s very challenging and I think that is why so many drivers like it."

- Elliott Sadler

NASCAR Media Tour, Charlotte, NC, February 2011