"The place is cool; everybody loves Bristol. It’s such a fun race track.  It’s a frustrating race track, but it’s a fun race track all at the same time.  It’s one of those places that you can love one lap and you hate it the next, and that is what the sport should be about.  It's very hard.  You leave there with a good finish, and you hold your head high and run outta there.

"It's very hard to describe.  It requires a tremendous amount of focus, you cannot let your guard down.  You gotta be, just 100% on it all the time. You gotta be looking ahead, you gotta be looking behind, it just you’re in the midst of something all the time.  It is why short track race is the best racing to watch because there is always something going on."

 - Jeff Burton

NASCAR Media Tour, Charlotte, NC, February 2011