"Yes, in the grand scheme of things racing pales to religion, but when it comes to what has formed this crazy cult of stock car fans, Bristol is indeed the closest thing we have to a tent revival. 

It's part revival, part rock and roll show, part demolition derby, part brass knuckled rumble, part Bruce and the E Street Band Detroit Medley encore, part Christmas morning for six year olds and 100% pure racing.  I've said it before and I'll say it again Brothers and Sisters, don't take me to the river preacher take me to the banks (of Bristol). 

It's seldom the prettiest race.  It's seldom a sportsmanlike race.  Marquis De Queensbury and Miss Manners would be appalled.  But the Sharpie 500 is the racing equivalent to Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show.  This is good, old fashioned, old school, dancing in the aisles, can I get a witness Brothers and Sisters stock car racing that revives the soul and cures what ails you.  And that's the reason about 150,000 maniacs fill every seat in the house and all but hang by the toenails for the rafter to get in one night every August in Bristol, TN.”

- SpeedFX.com, Matt McLaughlin 2001