"It’s a hard race to win, and you look at guys like Rusty Wallace who’ve had so much success there and won so many races - it shows you how good you have to be to win there, and win there consistently.   Because it only takes one minor incident to happen there that takes you out of an opportunity to win the whole day.  You would think being a short track race that if you’ve got a great car that you can get there but normally one small mistake will take that opportunity away from you.  It just seems like the odds are that you’ll have - you’ve got better odds of something happening that keeps you from winning than you do of actually winning itself.  It was more watching, watching Dale Earnhardt and Terry Labonte crash on the last couple of laps.  A couple of those races that always have stuck in my mind, knowing that, you don’t have to… you can be the fastest car there and still not win if one a guy lays the bumper to you wrong."

- Tony Stewart

NASCAR Media Tour, Charlotte, NC, February 2011