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Please note: This list is updated as needed. Distances from these properties to BMS vary and many of the BMS-partner properties have various options to fit the customer's needs; however, guests should research what is best for them and make their decisions accordingly. The below information pertains to lodging services not owned by Bristol Motor Speedway. This service is provided as information only. Prices and information are for NASCAR weekends unless otherwise noted. BMS is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, and no endorsement of the facilities should be implied. For a more extensive, "hands-on" service please click the Race Lodging.

All Inclusive Luxury Coach Rentals

Star Coach Tours Star Coach Race Tours specializes in providing turn-key all-inclusive race weekends. We provide accommodations at the track in our fleet of luxurious motorhomes. Packages include accommodations, food, beverages, race tickets, and airport transfers. We are the perfect solution for a family vacation or corporate event. Don't work on your vacation, leave the planning to us. Call us today at 410-241-4450 and visit us online at

Try It Tiny - Tiny House Rentals

  • New and unique way for race fans to experience luxury, home-style accommodations at the April NASCAR weekend of the Food City 500 at Bristol's Tiny House Village
  • Bristol's Tiny House Village will be the first of its kind, offering a high-end boutique hotel experience for race fans to enjoy
  • Bristol's Tiny House Village will provide guests the opportunity to experience all the highlights of tiny house living while taking in a race at The Last Great Colosseum.
  • Those interested in learning more about Bristol's Tiny House Village are encouraged to visit