It was a great first show of the #AskBristol Show, where Drew Bedard and guest Kevin Triplett answered the questions below. This episode was brought to you by Food City.  Check out for everything going on Food City.  Value. Everyday...Food City.

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Here are the questions for this week:

QUESTION 1: Cole Trickle @_coletrickle_
@BMSupdates have you ever considered 2 night races?  Harry and Buck says the car is faster in the cool night air.  #AskBristol

QUESTION 2: clwdeerhunter @cward2134fd
@BMSupdates #AskBristol do you have to be a season ticket holder to get first shot at tickets for @BattleAtBristol

QUESTION 3: Brent @cbrentv3
@BMSupdates #AskBristol how is the planning for @BattleAtBristol coming along??

QUESTION 4: Tom Duwe @TominBristol
@BMSupdates #AskBristol Exit 7 Starbucks has an early pic of BMS with ref to 'road course' - any dwgs/maps/pics available to show layout?

QUESTION 5: Jamie King @jpk0016
@BMSupdates #askbristol the coolest thing Bristol ever did was dirt racing...can we do that again?!

And our question of the week is:

Are you coming to a Bristol event in 2015 and if so, which one? Send your answers to us on Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #AskBristol.

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