This week we're revealing the Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in order to prepare for the April NASCAR race weekend experience at Bristol Motor Speedway. 

Monday we shared advice and information to Plan Ahead for Parking (Review Tip # 1 here).

Tuesday's Tip listed the Essential Items to Bring (Catch up on Tip # 2 here).

Today we’re talking Transportation.  Event Trams and Shuttles to be precise. 

You’ll get no argument that the setting for Bristol Motor Speedway is among the most beautiful of any sports venue could ask for.  The description 'nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, surrounded by picturesque hills, mountains and valleys…’ is more than just a write-up on some tourism brochure - it truly describes the landscape of this Speedway.  Trip Tip Translation:  that means the property grounds are full of hills, slopes and inclines that will challenge the calf muscles of even the most admired power walkers. 

But let the weekend fitness warriors and not-so-health-conscious among us rejoice - Bristol’s shuttle and tram service operating during events virtually ensures you won’t have to trek any hills, unless you choose to do so.  Continuously running a half-dozen looping routes throughout race days, tram service takes fans up the steepest inclines, including the curving hill in front of the main Ticket Office and Speedway World, the largest year-round Bristol-specific souvenir store.  

Take a minute to study the route maps that mark each of the stops, glance over the route map here or pull them up on the Bristol app.  Your feet – and those calf muscles we talked about earlier – will thank you at the end of each race day. 

Be sure to put a stop at Guest Welcome Village on your daily Bristol Race Day Must See List as well.   There are two located on Speedway property on race weekends – one in the Fan Zone at the main entrance off Highway 11-E and another anchoring the Merchandise Midway between the NASCAR Fanatics Souvenir Superstore and Hospitality Village.

Got a question about where to catch a glimpse of a driver?  Want to know the preferred gate to go in if you’re sitting in the new Jeff Gordon Terrace to watch the race?  Even better, just want a place to kick back in a country-style rocking chair and rest your feet for a few?  The two huge Guest Welcome Village tents are staffed with people who know all the answers and will point you towards those comfy rocking chairs.  Pretty much, these are big fan comfort and information areas that are worth your time to check out.

Ready for a Bonus Bristol Trip Tip for Hump Day?  You Can Take a Pic With The Trophy Before It Gets Handed To The Winner. 

Each race day trophy spends time on display prior to its presentation in Victory Lane.  You’ll find the places of honor in the main Guest Services area, just inside the Bruton Smith Office Building. 

This area is set up with all the information a race fan could ever want alongside the trophies.  If you’re not familiar, Bristol’s Sprint Cup Series race trophy is HUGE.  Stand it up next to a 7 year old and he’ll have to look up to see the top.  Take it from me, visit Guest Services, snap a pic and sent it out tagged #ItsBristolBaby.  You’ll be the envy of all your friends stuck watching this epic race from home.    

On Thursday, we’re on to Tip # 4 – The 'Must Do’ and ‘Must See’ Moments of Any Bristol Race Weekend.