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Meet Our Social Team

Ben Trout
I've been at Bristol since 2000, and currently serve as the track's Sr. Director of Fan Relations and Social Media. I caught the social media bug early, and with me there is no cure. I established the track's social accounts and I'm a self-described social-holic (currently seeking therapy). Regardless of the ever-changing platform social media is an excellent way for Bristol to interact with fans, be it providing timely information or building relationships. Social media is truly a great tool for us here at Bristol Motor Speedway... and it's a heckuva lotta fun."

Logan McCabe
I came to Bristol in 1996 from sports marketing and advertising agencies in Winston-Salem, NC. I'm the vice president of Consumer Marketing for the Speedway and Dragway. And yes, I'm old man on our social team and, despite my ancient age, I've adapted well to today's social world. In my 40 years (yes, I said 40) in the marketing business, nothing has matched the genuine and authentic nature of the social platform as a vehicle to reach out to and understand our customers. I'm blessed to interact with the greatest fans in the world.

Christine Riser
I joined the Bristol Motor Speedway team in 2009 as the Director of Advertising and Promotions. My passion for social media developed during a 20-year career as a television, radio and print journalist, where I was responsible for updating 'all that website stuff' for several news organizations. That was before anyone was really sure of the power online interaction and engagement would hold. I deny the accusation that I'm the loudest person in the Consumer Marketing Department, but sheepishly admit I've been told that in other workplaces. I figure it's a good thing - for your sake - that social media doesn't allow you to hear the laughter or sound effects that usually accompany my posts or writing sessions, but holds out hope that it will someday soon!

Drew Bedard
I joined the Bristol Motor Speedway family in 2011 after 6 years creating, building and executing cutting edge sports marketing and social campaigns at a premiere Sports marketing agency in Charlotte, NC. I love to study emerging social tactics and analytics and I'm committed to providing the best in customer service through our social portals to make sure our fans get the highest level of attention possible.