Not only is the raccoon the state wild animal of Tennessee but the official animal and mascot of Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway.

Brother and sister Bump and Run make their debut in 2013 after being "residents" of BMS property for nearly two years.

First noticed as kits about 18 months ago, during the summer of 2011, they are offspring of two other inhabitants of the property affectionately named Thunder and Valley by BMS personnel.

Despite being the younger sibling by about two minutes, Run often finds herself in a position of helping the mischievous Bump out of a mess in which he has inserted himself yet again. Not that Run is completely above playing her own practical jokes. She just is more subtle about it.

They often play tricks on members of the BMS crew as they prepare the facility for another race weekend. Bump and Run both enjoy following employees, walking in pace with their steps, stopping when the employees stop so they will not know they are being followed.

Bump tends to be more daring, venturing further from home than Run but guests are likely to  see either of them anywhere on Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway property.

Look for them; say hello and have your picture made with Bump and Run.




Father's Day 2011 During the
Ford NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals

Father's Day 2011 During the 
Ford NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals
Hometown: Bristol, TN Bristol, TN 
Length: I am taller if you count the tail A little shorter than Bump

Heavier around race time,
I can't help myself 

Never ask a female That Question



Food: Anything, have you seen
what people throw away?!     
Fruits and Vegetables
Snack: Pie... I LOVE PIE! Marshmallows
Drink: Pepsi Diet Mountain Dew
TV Show: I love reruns, except old Daniel 
Boone Show. That Fess Parker
headgear gives me the willies.  
Home improvement shows. I adore
what they do to some of those 
homes. Wonder if they do dumpsters? 
Movie: RJ in "Over the Hedge" "Pochahontas" by Disney. 
Love that Meeko. 
Animal Character: Pepe Le Pew is a scream See Above
Song: "Rocky Raccoon" by the Beatles "You Can't Rollerskate in a 
Buffalo Herd" by Roger Miller
I'll bet you can't either.  
Book: Anything Scratch and Sniff Southern Living Cookbooks; I 
would love to have the chance
to prepare food properly.  
Saying: "One man's trash is a
raccoon's treasure." 
"There's Racing... Then There's Bristol"
Colors: Red, White & Blue Pink
Ice Cream: Butter Pecan, two of my
favorite ingredients. 
Moose Tracks, since I found out there 
isn't actually any moose in it.  
Car: Mustang Ford F-150. They aren't just for boys.
Driver: Danica... One word, like Cher Kasey Kahne, no wait, Jeff Gordon, no 
wait, Dale Jr.,  no … Carl Edwards, shoot 
all of them.