Wow…  Where in the world did 2011 go?  I mean, I know I’m getting old and time moves quickly, but 2011 was a mere blink of the eye for me. Truthfully, it was that way for a lot of us here at Bristol Motor Speedway and Bristol Dragway.



It goes without saying that I'm blessed to work with the most wonderful group of employees/friends I have ever experienced. Just so you know, most of my time here is spent on consumer/fan initiatives. This involves a lot of people here at Bristol, but most importantly it involves a lot of fans like you. We try very hard to be both proactive and reactive to the needs and wants of current, new, past and even future fans of Bristol. 

In that regard, and as we head into the New Year, I thought I'd share a few things you told us in 2011 and what we have done, or are in the process of doing, as a result of your input:

  • Ticket Pricing  – we’ve created more ticket price points to accommodate most fans’ needs. Check out our events and pricing variety
  • Overall Cost of Attending – we have worked, and are continuing to work, with lodging and travel properties to lower prices and reduce minimum stays
  • Affordable for Kids – in 2012 we have half price kids tickets for March and August Nationwide races and for the Food City 500 March Cup race
  • Add More in March – Food City race night will be bigger than ever; we have an amazing St. Patrick’s Day celebration planned on 3/17; and we’ll celebrate Food City's 20th Anniversary of sponsoring our spring Cup race with the biggest patriotic salute in Bristol history (Stay tuned for info!)
  • Rewards for Fan Loyalty – the iBelong program for season ticket holders at Bristol was the most widely accepted and applauded 2011 fan initiative we’ve ever undertaken, and 2012 brings bigger and better exclusive rewards
  • More driver exposure – in addition to continuing to expand the 3/16 Food City race night, we have more driver question & answer packages than ever before
  • Additional VIP packages – Pit Road Party Zone, Bud Tap Room, Track Tours, Half Mile Club and Bristol Club all return with bigger and better features

We welcome more ideas/input! Just tell us. I/we desire the 2012 Bristol experience to be the best ever for fans.  

My name is Logan McCabe.  My phone number is 423-989-6934.  My email address is And I’d love to hear your ideas, thoughts and comments. 

Thanks for being the best fans in sports.  And thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you, your family and your friends.

We can't wait to see ya!