To me, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.  I absolutely LOVE Christmastime.  Seeing the Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway property decked out in twinkling displays for Speedway in Lights each evening makes the season even better!

My Christmas spirits got a big boost on a recent Tuesday evening when I hosted the 8 PM journey of our Santa’s Sleigh.  (If you haven’t tried it, you must put it on your to-do list.  The sleigh is a 40-plus person open-air tram that takes you through Speedway in Lights.  We provide blankets, holiday music and a stop in Christmas Village – you simply enjoy the experience!) 

Two sisters were among my riders for the late run through the lights.  I heard them laughing before I saw them approach, and I’m not sure we spent any portion of the next 2 hours without at least one of us giggling.  In lighter moments they shared tidbits of their lives spent poking fun at each other, as well as humorous perspectives on life’s daily challenges as they both now near retirement.  And more than once I laughed out loud about their special sister bond, knowing that Christmastime always provides a forum for me to enjoy the same moments with my own sister.

They were still laughing and picking on each other when I watched them walk away at the end of the night. I’m still smiling about a couple of the more interesting tales they told.  Most definitely, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Family stories abound here at BMS, throughout the year and especially during the holidays. It's hard to fathom, but now (this being our 16th Speedway In Lights season) we conceivably could have a visitor to the event who was one year old for his/her first visit, and now can drive through the lights.

Yes, like many things here at Bristol... It has become a family tradition.

Do you have any special Speedway In Lights stories, feel free to email them to us. We'd love to read and share them.