What else can you say but wow… what a Saturday night here in Bristol for the IRWIN Tools Night Race! 

I'd be lyin' to you if I said I wasn't still pumped up over the pre-race extravaganza, the on-track battles for 500 laps, the intense finish that had me holding my breath and the thrill of watching fans on their feet until the moment the checkered flag fell.  The just-released NASCAR Highlight video got me all worked up again - check it out if you haven't seen it already.

I'm still on a 'post-night-race-weekend-high', as are most of my co-workers inside Bristol Motor Speedway's Bruton Smith Building this week.  Not sure this is a condition that's officially made it into the medical books yet, but it's definitely a real one.  Symptoms are exhilaration, exhaustion, a bit of sadness that it's all over and a rush of excitement that's easily brought on by any talk of the past week and weekend's race days.  Apparently, the malady is contagious, too.

As the person who oversees all of Bristol's research efforts, I'm the one who sees a good portion of our fan feedback first.  Just in this morning's review, it's obvious thousands went home with their own case of Bristol Fever, too.  A few of my favorites:

"The Bristol night race is the gold standard in NASCAR events."

"It was exactly the racing experience I always thought it would be."

"The atmosphere was the best thing.  You cannot help but get drawn into the mood at the greatest spectacle in motorsports."

So what memory of the Night Races at Bristol is bringing back a smile for you today?  Share it on our Facebook page or send us a note.  It might be just what the doctor ordered…