Christmas, and the holiday season, is a great time of year to be reminded of how wonderful it is to give. I’m sure you experienced it before and on Christmas Day, and likely will experience it throughout the New Year.

Let us all remember that the opportunity to give abounds year-round.

The holiday tradition of the giving of gifts is just one way that we show our gratitude to our God, our friends, our families and our communities for the blessings we have received.  We also manifest this by giving our time, our money and ourselves to the ones we love or those less fortunate than us.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love to receive. We love to receive gifts, a warm hug from our families and for some of us, a white Christmas to wake up to.  But giving and doing so with thankfulness in our hearts is truly what makes this season so special.

We recently have had some terrible tragedies in our nation, where families have had loved ones taken from them, all too soon.  This should give us a fresh reminder to give all we can to the ones we love, to those that have experienced those tragedies and to all in need.

While Christmas may be in our rear view mirror, it’s never too late to give. Give a coat, a meal, a hug. Give your time. Give your prayers. Give when you can because it is inevitable that at some time in all our lives we will be the ones on the receiving end of someone’s generosity, and it’s in those moments that we recall why we give.

While we treasure the holiday season and its true meaning, the calendar doesn’t have to define our spirit of giving and kindness.

We trust you had a Merry Christmas, and we pray that you have a Happy New Year. May God bless you and your families during this holiday season, throughout the New Year and the years to come.

Drew Bedard,
Proud Bristol Team Member
@DrewBedard on Twitter