Some blogs just simply speak for themselves. And yes, this is one of them.

Ann Thompson of Goose Creek, S.C., just happens to be 88 years young. She recently visited Bristol’s holiday attractions; in particular to see her great-grandsons (Matthew and William Agostinelli) ride down the HVAC Chill Hill Tube Slide.


And so begins the fun…

As told by Ryan Agostinelli, a grandson of Ann, the kids asked if she was going to go down the hill with them. She hadn’t originally thought about doing it, but she also isn’t one to shy away from a challenge.

Ann went down not one, not two, but four times. She went down twice with her adult grandson, and then insisted on riding down solo two more times.

Ann says, “”I’ve been blessed with good health, and I wanted my great grandchildren to see what could be done at 88-years-old. I’ve had a good life.”

Yes… yes you have Ann.

Thanks for visiting us and creating a special memory.

On a side note, HVAC Chill Hill Tube Slide and the Johnson Controls Ice Skating Rink will open through Sunday, January 15 at Bristol Motor Speedway.