History is full of famous debates: Lincoln-Douglas; Kennedy-Nixon; Chamberlain-Russell, and so on.

We here at Bristol Motor Speedway have found ourselves in the middle of such a discussion for half a decade now. Heck, we even asked for participation in the latest round.

The ideas and suggestions of what should be done to Bristol Motor Speedway seemed at times to outnumber dandelions in a springtime field.

There is a lot going on in our world right now, and well outside the scope of what to do to the track surface at BMS. The majority of those things are out of our control.

Bottom line is, we here at Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway do our best to respond, when possible, to our guests – the fans. Those responses take longer and are more difficult when the affected audience is so diverse in opinion.

Some of the things we do to improve what we refer to as the "Bristol Experience" for our guests are easy to make happen and often occur overnight after a Nationwide race before the gates open the next day for the Sprint Cup event.

Others, well… not so much. Beyond trying to figure out what to do, attempting to determine the result can at times be gut-wrenching when it is impossible to ascertain the effect of something before the cause is in place.

Why does it matter? Because our fans matter.

That’s what I tell my son when he can sense I am wrestling with trying to work with him on an issue that he believes is not a big deal.

"Why does doing it this way count so much?" he will ask.

"Because I care," I tell him. "If I didn’t, you know, it wouldn’t matter."

I guess that is it in a nutshell. We do the things we do because we care enough for it to matter.

What will be the result? Who knows?

Shoot... The Lincoln-Douglas debates were in 1858 and we still study them. Kennedy and Nixon squared off 102 years later and we continue to analyze. Russell played his last NBA game in 1969 and Chamberlain hung it up four years later and there probably was an argument in a Man Cave somewhere just last week over the superiority of one over the other.

So the talk is likely to continue. But so will our effort to provide our guests with the best experience in motorsports.

Simple really.