As many of you know... Our mentor and everyone's friend, the late Jeff Byrd has been in the news throughout the last few days. His 2012 Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame induction was announced Monday. But even more fitting was the Speedway In Lights “Random Act of Kindness” evening honoring his generous spirit on Sunday.


Jeff, or JByrd, as we called him would be the last person to want accolades or recognition showered upon him. He was a man that possessed countless admirable qualities, but the one that stuck out more than any other was his ability to do something because it was the right thing to do; not because it would garner attention.

To me, that is what the “Christmas Spirit” is all about. Fortunately that mindset continues to thrive within the Bristol Motor Speedway family because Jeff instilled that moral fiber within all of us that are a part of Team Bristol.

In fact, I witnessed an employee of ours help out a Bristol ticket holder who was in a predicament. The gentleman wanted to take his grandson through Speedway In Lights but was on a tight timeline. My colleague took that man over to the line early and got him situated. The part that brought a smile to my face was the fact my co-worker paid for his admission.

He didn’t do it because he was looking for a pat on the back. He paid with his hard earned money because in his heart he felt it was the right thing to do. I can only imagine JByrd’s philosophy in some way influenced the decision and action that occurred. It was his way of paying it forward to our friend.

Yes, the holidays are about friends and family. But they also are about the “Christmas Spirit” I referenced earlier.

Be it the holiday season, or any day for that matter, when an opportunity presents itself to help out someone... to treat others as you would want to be treated... to Exceed Expectations, reach out and lend a hand.

It’s what JByrd would do… although you'd never know it!

Merry Christmas,