It’s been warm here in east Tennessee this summer. Real warm. Perhaps it's similar to what you've experienced in "your neck of the woods" as Al Roker might say. But as we progress through the summer months, one certain feeling begins to permeate the air. You know what I'm talking about... August is coming. THE Night Race is coming. It's almost race time in Tennessee.

We're operating in high gear here at "The World’s Fastest Half Mile," as you might expect. It's definitely crunch-time. A popular question we get is "How are ticket sales?" We can tell you that they are really good. Good enough to be filling sections up at a steady clip.

But if you know us and our relationship with fans, race time time in Tennessee is more than than counting numbers of tickets sold; it's a truly special time. It's a time when family members with different last names make their way to the Tri-Cities region to celebrate being together, again. Fans celebrate a reunion unlike any other at this place, and it continues to touch hearts year after year. Oh, and then there is the race.

This race should be vastly different than ones you have seen in past years.  The track has been changed and drivers like Jeff Burton (seen in this video) agree, it’s very different. Burton actually said during his recent tire test, "If fans like the old track more than the new, they are going to like this."

You do not want to miss this year's race. For the family, the fun, the experience, THE RACING... For all the reasons you keep coming back. For the all the reasons you get goose bumps when you say or hear the word "Bristol."

Yep, there's nothing like Race Time in Tennessee.  Let us prove it to you. More importantly,  let us welcome you home!

Take care and we will see you soon.