One of my favorite consumer marketing guys is Seth Godin.  He writes a daily blog, and it's usually pretty good for me. When you get some time, you should visit (and subscribe to) Seth's blog.  

Seth is one of our "new age" marketing gurus (my term, not his) who relies on a lot of current trends, but also has a solid strategic basis to most of his writing -- and yes, he's blessed with the ability to convey common sense. The ongoing phrase he utilizes in much of his work is "Make something happen." I like that. And we like that here at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Monday's blog from Seth felt like Bristol, so I thought I'd share a little bit of his thinking, and how it applies to the way we look at our business and our guests. The title is kind of like Seth… a bit odd, but based on strong thinking... THE ACUTE HEPTAGRAM OF IMPACT.  No, really, that is the title. See the visual which simplifies the idea.

Now, I don’t agree with all the points here, but his point (get the pun?) is solid. To make something happen, you must have all the elements of the Heptagram working, not just one or a few.

The Bristol Strategy/Mission of Exceeding Expectations for our guests does not work without the other elements. We cannot Exceed Expectations without the right people and tactical attributes.  I don’t like the Fear point and have substituted Pride in my world.

These seven elements: Strategy, Desire, Persistence, Reputation, Pride, Execution and Tactics are critical to how we work.  Not just one of them, but all of them.  We have a pretty good reputation at Bristol.  Fans, guests, NASCAR/NHRA, media put our reputation at our near the top of all tracks.  But, our reputation does not matter if we don’t have the desire, pride and persistence to execute our strategy of Exceeding Expectations.  Our tactics are important, but they are simply the result of all our other efforts.

I think this would be a better diagram if the word consumer (or in the Bristol vernacular "guest") was added to the center.  Why is that?  Well, simply put everything we do at Bristol revolves around you… our fans and guests.  The root of our desire, pride and persistence comes from within each of us, but the motivation is you.

This message comes for our Bristol full-time staff and the entire Bristol team.  We have less than 70 employees, but as many as 5,000  Bristol team members (great message in a previous blog from Ben Trout on our team).

It takes all of our team, thinking about all these areas to fully deliver and Exceed your Expectations.  

It is also coming from me, a real person.  Since it is hard to communicate with all our team, please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns or issues, which may make us better.  My email address is and my direct office phone number is 423-989-6934.