By: Landon Owen

Do you wish that you got to go through the recruiting process like today's 5-star players? Red carpet treatments, great food, sight-seeing tours around campus, taking in a sporting event and best of all...everyone is happy that you're there! Sounds pretty sweet, eh?

National Signing Day is here  - which for Tennessee and Virginia Tech signees means they will be the first recruits to have signed their Letters of Intent with the knowledge they'll be a part of the Biggest College Football Game Ever in 2016 - so I'd like to take a moment to appeal to you college football fanatics out there and invite you to use one of your 'Official Visits' to attend The Last Great Colosseum this year!

If you're further along in the recruiting process (i.e. you've already made one visit to BMS), then you know what's coming your way. Chances are, you've already started recruiting others to join you for either the upcoming Food City 500 Weekend (March 14-16) or August's IRWIN Tools Night Race and Food City 250 - or better yet, you've got BMS Season Tickets and you're way ahead of the game!

But if you're new to motorsports, maybe you haven't been here before, or perhaps you've just driven by and seen the iconic B-R-I-S-T-O-L Tower and wondered what is on the other side of that Colossus; please… take me up on this offer. Ask someone who's been here and they'll tell you about the red carpet BMS rolls out for our guests. Ask them about the amazing food (and oh, the smell of charcoal emanating throughout the miles upon miles of campgrounds). Since this is the hills of Tennessee, there's even been a sighting of some Moonshiners on the grounds. Our 'campus' sits in the middle of one of prettiest natural surroundings you'll ever lay eyes on (no reason so many of our guests end up moving here!). Oh yeah, and we've got a sporting event for you to take in while you're here. Imagine the sound of forty-three modern day chariots, pulled by over 800 horses apiece, all within the friendly confines of The World's Fastest Half-Mile track.

Ok, so I may not be Butch Jones or Frank Beamer and I'm certainly not Knute Rockne! But our best recruiters - and what have always made this place so special - are our fans. Don't take my word for it - ask around and find someone who's been here a time or two and knows what Bristol is all about. Tell them you're ready to make that trip here and I'm sure they'll show you how we Exceed Expectations!

Besides, don't you want to know the lay of the land when you hit town for the Battle at Bristol. There's so much to do here during a race, it's hard to do it all in one shot. Tag along with someone this year so you can be the expert when the Vols and Hokies take the field in front of the largest crowd to ever witness a football game!

Tickets for the Food City 500 are available now online and via our ticket office (423-BRISTOL or 866-415-4158). Those of you waiting for August single-event tickets to become available, your wait is almost over… Night Race tickets go onsale Monday, February 10th

So, are you ready to commit to a visit?

Landon Owen
Director of Ticket Sales