It’s election week, a very important time where we cherish the fact that we live in a country where we are allowed to walk to the voting booths free and able to do our patriotic duty by pulling a lever and taking part in the democratic process. 

During these times, I think about our guys and gals overseas, our active military, voting in every corner of the world and protecting our rights every single day. Is there anything more democratic than that? I think not.  I think about those families recently affected by Sandy and about how our states in the path of the storm are doing whatever is possible to give their residents the ability to vote.

And it makes me think about how you all choose us.  How, with each time you set foot on our property, for a NASCAR or NHRA race or give to Speedway Children’s Charities’ Bristol Chapter, you vote "Bristol."

Experts say that these elections come down to who you trust, who you believe will give the best effort to represent you, regardless of your income or social standing, in The Oval Office, on Capitol Hill or in the community offices locally.

Equally, you make your buying choices in which brands you trust.  Whether or not it plays into your psyche at the time of purchase, you gravitate to the brands that have earned your trust, who you believe will give you the best possible effort in making your experience the best it possibly can be.

Whether it’s Disney, Apple or Amazon, brands that have earned our trust become friends.  We become advocates for them, similar to candidates, and we preach about them to all who will listen.

Bristol’s brand has become synonymous with action-packed short-track racing, warm Tennessee mountain hospitality and unforgettable experiences.  But, the biggest reason we got there was because you voted "Bristol."  At some point we hopefully earned your trust and we became your friend, and even family.

So, I take this page of written word to again say thank you for voting Bristol. For becoming our family. For trusting us. Like politicians (we hope ;), we take this very seriously. 

I, as well as the entire staff, can’t wait to greet you all again very soon.  Without a doubt you will be met with a smile, a hand shake and our gratitude for choosing Bristol… for voting Bristol.


Drew Bedard