What is going to happen at Bristol next week?

I don’t know. But, I do know. Please allow me to explain.

Here’s my take… I truly don’t know (nor does anyone else) what is going to happen on the track here at BMS.

Lots of factors will go into the racin’ next week.  I’ve been working here since 1996, and I know better than to get into the prediction business about our races.

Based upon the recent track changes, here are some “expert” thoughts we've heard: 

  • "There's going to be less room to race; that's for sure." -- Tony Stewart
  • "The closer we have to race just means something's going to happen. " -- Clint Bowyer
  • "Revamped Bristol to offer more exciting races." -- Autoweek
  • "If people liked the older track more than the new, they are going to like this." -- Jeff Burton
  • “I don’t think anybody will try the high lane. You would have to be stupid to go up there. And if you do, you will probably end up in a wreck. It will probably be wild.” -- Ty Dillon 

When you have four races in four days with over 150 cars (and trucks), I’m not sure anyone can tell you what is going to happen on the track.

But, there are a few things I do know that will happen next week.

  • I know our guests will be treated to the most hospitable and welcoming staff in our sport.
  • I know we’ll treat our guests with respect.
  • I know that our workers will do anything within our power to help make your entertainment and racin’ experience memorable.
  • I know Bristol staff will listen to our guests.
  • I know our guests will meet other guests and leave this place with new friends.
  • I know the Bristol staff will bring genuine caring and passion to every guest interaction.
  • I know the Bristol campgrounds will become a community… with campfires, music and good times.
  • I know we’ll do all in our power to provide guests with an unforgettable, life-long experience.
  • I know guest will be treated to unparalleled customer service.
  • I know the Bristol staff will strive to Exceed Expectations for every individual guest. 

So hey, I do know something!

Do you have any thoughts about what Bristol is going to be like next week?  If you do, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know.  My name is Logan McCabe and my email is logan@bristolmotorspeedway.com.  I’d love to hear from you… even if you don’t know what to expect next week at Bristol.