We stand for exceeding your expectations.

We stand for providing unforgettable experiences.

We stand for being different, special and unique.

We stand for supporting our troops, both active and retired, and flying the flag high.

We stand behind our employees.

We stand for being honest and accountable.

We stand for bettering our community.

We stand for treating others the way we expect to be treated.

People are looking for brands these days to stand up and say "THIS IS WHAT WE STAND FOR."

So, there you go.  This is what I believe we stand for.

Without a doubt there are always extraordinary circumstances that prevent brands from being perfect, but what matters is the effort.  What matters is caring. Caring more. More than your competition, more than your customers expect and more than you're sometimes capable of.  Because that's what our fans expect and that's what they deserve.

Are we perfect? No.  But do we care more than anyone else? No question about it.


Drew Bedard

Sr. Director, Brand Management

Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway