Nope, I can’t say I’m an adrenaline junkie; not even close to the thrill seekers we saw here last Saturday with the Team FMX freestyle motocross guys.

But trust me, I do know when the adrenaline kicks in. For me, and many of my cohorts here at Bristol Motor Speedway, it’s when we look up and see that the calendar says, “August 1.”


Sure, we’ve been getting ready for August Race Week for quite some time, but there’s just something to be said when our favorite month of the year arrives.

We know many of you have a great deal of anticipation as your trip to Bristol edges closer and closer.

Trust me, we feel the same way. It’s crunch time!

We are looking forward to welcoming the legions of fans from all over this great nation of ours to the 2011 edition of August Race Week, and it’s gonna be a great one.

I cannot even begin to tell you how hard our team has been working in preparation for your arrival.

New banners are going up, fresh paint is being applied, grandstands are being pressure washed… the checklist goes on and on.

We’re moving forward at a fever pitch and the adrenaline is flowing. The countdown is on.

Make sure you check out our events page for all the latest race week happenings and bookmark it, because we’re adding items daily that you may want to make a part of your race week to-do list.

All I can say is that we can’t wait for you to get here!