By Drew Bedard

A little more than a week ago we welcomed our family back home to Bristol. Our team worked as hard as ever to put on a great show, a race week that made Bristol fans proud. Why? Because it’s personal. It’s because we care.



With the advent of 24 hour news, and up to the second technology, it didn’t take long for the story to focus on the fact we had a crowd just topping over 100,000. We were proud of our crowd though. Any time you assemble 100k, it's a grand occasion. Our crowd was made up of people who came to Bristol for all of the right reasons, the reasons that people have been coming back for years, the experience and the value.

From an action packed Ford Fan Friday with Food City Race Night, an incredible race track fan festival that ranks with any in the country, to a spirited St. Patrick’s Day with a racing doubleheader, a green creek and a rockin’ Saturday night party, to a Food City 500 Race day where we celebrated the second longest running sponsorship in all of sports and capped it off with a patriotic tribute that made us all proud to be Americans, we continue to focus on bringing our race fans the best value in all of motorsports.

But as we all know, the story lines continued to focus on other elements.

No matter.  We totally understand. That’s the way the world works today.  We work at one of the biggest sporting facilities in the world. With that size, you have high expectations. This is why, as soon as the race ended Sunday, we started to get feedback from fans, and we reacted accordingly.

Our Chairman and CEO Bruton Smith, and our GM Jerry Caldwell directed us and some of our counterparts in our corporate offices in Charlotte, NC, to open up new lines (and expand others) of communication with fans.  And so we did.  We set up an email address, twitter and Facebook feedback channels and more to help us understand what we can do better the next time folks visit our wonderful facility.

That’s the way we operate.  No matter that we worked tirelessly for days and weeks to prepare for the best fans in NASCAR to come back to Bristol, it was time to go back to work to figure out what we can do better the next time to show our fans what makes Bristol so different.  Why do we do that? Because it’s personal. It’s because we care.

At the time of this blog post, we do not know what we are going to do next in regards to changes at BMS but I will tell you this, we hear you and we continue the mission to Exceed your Expectations.  As the sign so eloquently states out in front of our building here at BMS, “we work for the race fan,” and that is the truth.

Look for changes at Bristol in the coming days.  There always are after a race.  Some could be big, some could be small.  Regardless, we will do them because we care. Because it’s personal.