Mystery... Drama... Uncertainty... The unexpected... The unknown… Be it a good novel, a box office hit or your choice of any CSI, NCIS or Law and Order TV episode, there’s a natural attraction to suspense.

An unparalleled level of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series suspense continues to build here at Bristol Motor Speedway in advance of the IRWIN Tools Night Race, slated to take place under the lights on August 25th.

The stage is complete and, well… You know who the cast members are, as well as the supporting characters. But unlike a book, a movie or your favorite TV drama, the IRWIN Tools Night Race story will unfold in front of a "live studio audience" made up of fans like you.

Yes, this will be the ultimate reality show.

While Bruton Smith may be the producer, you [race fans] are the directors. You shared your input, the stage has been altered to provide what you have asked for, and we’re just about a month away from snapping the slate and saying, "Action!"

But what will happen? Therein lies the suspense.

Past to present, there has been a wealth of reasons to pack up and head to Bristol. But perhaps at no other time in the history of "The World’s Fastest Half-Mile" has there been this level of interest and anticipation.

Join us to see what happens on the stage you helped construct… "The House That Fans Built."