I’m so blessed to be able to do what I do as part of the Bristol Motor Speedway team.  I coordinate our research efforts to learn more about what you like, don’t like, as well as what you experience and encounter during your time at our events. 

Ultimately, the combined findings are shared with every member of the team here and often discussed at length, which many times leads to fine-tuning, improvements or upgrades of experiences. It’s fascinating from a data point of view, if there is such a thing, to see your willingness to share your time and your opinions with us.  It’s downright humbling, to be frank.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, too. My position here also means I’m among the first to read the stories you share about something special that happened during a Bristol event.  That often means I’m left speechless, laughing or teary-eyed by what I’ve read.  Then I get to enjoy the best part – sharing those comments around the office and watching your words touch a co-worker’s heart the way it did mine. 

Here’s an example to further explain.  We ask the question in our post-event research, “What was the best thing about your experience?’  Here are a few of my favorite responses so far:

“We felt very welcomed.”

“I love everything about Bristol. Every time we go I tell my friends I'm going to my favorite place on earth. They all know exactly where that is...Bristol Motor Speedway!!!”

“Taking my 12 year old goddaughter to the races.”

“I loved Charlie Daniels saying the Pledge of Allegiance.”

“It was my and my 5yr old sons first Bristol NASCAR race and the weather was great!!”

“Creating the memory with my kids.”

“The patriotic nature of the pre-race ceremonies. As the daughter of a 29 year Navy veteran, this always brings tears to my eyes.”

“First race my wife has attended, not being a race fan... She is now.”

“ITS BRISTOL BABY, Nothing more needs to be said.” 

Ahhh, those even make me smile seeing them again!  So thanks for being willing to share your opinions with us when we ask.  And thank you for always pushing our team to get better.  You make the difference here, and it’s for you that we try to make a difference.”