This past weekend many of my colleagues and I spent time at our sister track in Charlotte, N.C. talking with our amazing fans and sponsors.   We spent most our time introducing fans to our newest team member, the Thunder Bus.  The Thunder Bus is a 40’customized RV, a rolling Bristol experience that provides us the perfect opportunity to witness something that never ceases to amaze us: your kindness.

On Sunday, several of our team members, led by Director of Fan Initiatives Gail Hulse, set up a cookout- style lunch for our incredible iBelong members, the season ticket holders of Bristol. 

While we served up lunch, we talked, laughed and smiled. A lot.  There is a deep connection between our family members (the Bristol Fans) and the staff that stands guard over this amazing property nestled in the hills of East Tennessee.

While everyone ate and we all talked, you guys kept complimenting us on our dedication to you, our care for you and our mission to exceed your expectations.  I can’t say enough about how much that means to all of us.  We really do care, and for you guys to notice means everything to us.

We will continue to have events, which include the Thunder Bus, and keep having cookouts in the small and big towns of America. We just ask one thing of you all: just keep being you.  You are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters and the veterans and active soldiers of America.  You are Bristol.  You are everything that’s right about this place at which we get to work.

Thank you for your dedication, your loyalty and most of all, your kindness.

See you in June and August!

Drew Bedard – Director of Brand Management