Below is an excerpt from a Bristol Herald Courier article:

The world's largest outdoor center-hung four-sided video screen—Colossus—is on track for completion at Bristol Motor Speedway before this month's Food City 500.

One of the four high-resolution screens, which measures 68 feet wide and 30 feet tall, was in position Saturday high above the speedway.

Colossus, which should be completed in a week, said Steve Swift, Vice President of Operations and Development for Speedway Motorsports, weighs about 700 tons and is suspended above the infield.

"Basically, this has been a huge engineering feat," Swift said. "The name does it justice. It has been a colossus project from the get-go, from the design and concept phase to what you see now in place. There's a lot of structural steel and there's a lot of structural cable."

Crews began working on the project earlier this winter. In addition to the main structure, which BMS General Manager Jerry Caldwell said does not block sightlines for spectators, Colossus features massive cabling, four steel towers and anchors.

"Every time I come in here, I'm still blown away," Caldwell said. "I've seen this project from the get-go, when the concept came out of Bruton's [Speedway Motorsports Executive Chairman Bruton Smith] head and to see it up there now, it still just blows me away. You can't get a feel for it until you walk in here."

He added that the main structure is basically the size of a three-story building.

"It's an engineering marvel," Caldwell said. "I know the race fans are going to be blown away."

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