In this update from the Colossus TV blog, we take you from start to finish in this amazing journey from a dream to reality.

Let's start in October with the announcement of Colossus TV.

Here is the pre-work that went into "Mini" Colossus in the lobby:

And here is the announcement from start to finish:

Next up was the ground breaking outside the Bruton Smith Building and the building of the first Tower.  Here is the first of many timelapses:

Next, after the Towers (see photo gallery below) and cables were built, it was time for the Halo to rise, see that video here:

Next came a major milestone which was the build and lift of the TV cage (called the Gondola). Here is the Livestream and Timelapse of that event:

And finally the four screens go into place.  Enjoy this timelapse of that event:


In March, we hosted many of auto racing's best and Chairman Bruton Smith and 6-time Sprint Cup Champ Jimmie Johnson came to see Colossus.  Here is a recap of Jimmie's day:

To see the progression, also visit the photo gallery below or CLICK HERE

It's been an amazing journey, one that will go down in the history books for sure