Construction crews began constructing the first of four colossal towers Wednesday afternoon that will hoist Colossus TV, the world's largest, outdoor, center-hung 4-sided screen above Bristol Motor Speedway. Located just outside of turn 2, the tower will reach 190 feet into the air and will have four sections with the remaining three towers comprising of five sections. The 10'x10' sections are approximately 40-45 feet tall and weigh 50-60,000lbs per section.

Tower construction is scheduled to be completed by January 25th. Check out the video for a time-lapse of the first tower being constructed. For more information on facts about Colossus TV and to get tickets to Bristol to see Colossus in person go to

  • Rentenbach Constructors of Knoxville has two cranes from Barnhart Crane & Rigging onsite.  The crane has a reach of 242-280 feet and is the largest crane to have ever been on BMS property
  • The four towers will range from 190-220 feet tall
  • Engineers and construction crews will begin installation of cables to support Colossus TV in February
  • April 15-17- Colossus TV will be completed for the Food City 500 race weekend