Bristol Motor Speedway hosts the final Accident Avoidance Workshops of the year October 6, 8-9. 

BMS has played host to the workshops for several years, and due to input from parents and students who have taken the course in the past, plans to continue as host site.

It’s amazing what kinds of accidents can be avoided… with the proper training!  Pilots typically have several minutes to execute a plan of action, and even so, they spend days and days training for such emergencies.  So why is it, even though traffic accidents only give a fraction of a second warning, 98.5% of drivers have fewer than 10 minutes of formal training in how to respond? 

Normal driving conditions can turn in to emergency driving conditions in the blink of an eye.  And although driver’s ed covers things you need to handle normal driving conditions such as “lines and signs”, traffic laws and how to operate the vehicle, it stops short of teaching the skills needed for emergency driving conditions.  As a result, today’s new drivers don’t know what kinds of things can happen to them while on the road.  

The Accident Avoidance Workshops are certified by the National Defensive Driving Institute ( as the highest level Defensive Driving program available.  Their graduating students and parents are eligible for insurance discounts, and in some states, tax write-offs. 

 The 8-hour parent-participation program employs multiple instructors to put students through the ringer of having to make split-second decisions behind the wheel.  The one-on-one contact with the students helps them come up to speed with what both they, and their specific vehicles, are capable of when faced with emergency situations. With exercises focusing on parking space navigation, limits of steering, wet and dry braking, distracted driving, lane-positioning, radar-monitored speed control and following distance, the Accident Avoidance Workshops carries technology to a new level in training today’s new drivers.

For more information on the Accident Avoidance Workshops, go to or call 770-971-0571.