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Darrell Waltrip joined the #AskBristol Show this week to answer questions from the Bristol Family.

Joining us from Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Tour Week, Darrell, is a NASCAR Hall of Famer and Bristol's All-Time Winningest (12 Wins) Driver.

Thank you again to DW and all who submitted questions.

Here are the questions for this week:

(Ryan Beckner - @Chickothrottle) Do you own any of the cars you won with at Bristol?

(Josh Hinkle - @jjhinkmanpart3) Who was your greatest rival at Bristol?

(Steven Harris - @2PenskeFan22) Would you like to race at Bristol again?

(Facebook Question from Lenny Armitage) What track layout did you like racing on more at Bristol - the guardrails or the track wall? Why?

(Facebook Question from Matt Miracle)Which of your 12 Bristol wins stands out as your favorite and why?

Bonus Questions

(Facebook Question from Amanda Shelton) What do you miss most about racing?

(Facebook Question from Shannon Friend) What would you tell Jeff Gordon on dealing with racing withdrawal after he retires 

Thank you again to Mr. Waltrip for his time and his amazing answers.

Question of the week:

What is your favorite memory of Darrell Waltrip at Bristol?

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