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This week we dive into some great questions with Bristol Executive Vice President and General Manager Jerry Caldwell.  We answer some great questions regarding parking, camping, the track surface, Indy Car Racing and more.

Here are the questions for this week:

  • (A.J. Broadwater @ajbroadh2o_24) - How is parking on Sprint cup races?
  • (Suzy Stafford with a question from Facebook)Does you foresee the Spring race becoming a night race in the future with the April date?
  • (Adam Burchfield Adam_B11) Has BMS ever been approached about having IndyCar run there? Or is it just not possible for the cars to run safely there?
  • (Mike Hedrick @TheFansReporter) Do You like cole slaw with your barbeque?
  • (Julie Dill with a question from Facebook)As a camper, we come early to the race's. There is a place to stage for early arrivals, would Bristol ever consider opening the Landing Campground say the weekend before? That would be awesome!

Question of the week:

Since Jerry was an intern at Bristol, where was your first internship?

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