Today our tips come from our friends from down the road at the Bristol Chamber of Commerce.

Tips to date include:

Tip No. 1 - Advice and Information to Plan Ahead for Parking
Tip No. 2 - Essential Items to Bring
Tip No. 3 - Bristol Transportation:  Event Shuttles and Trams
Tip No. 4 - Stocking Up For The "Must Do" and "Must See"
Tip No. 5 - Schedule Properly To Take In The Full Show
Tip No. 6 - Make Sure You're "In The Know"
Tip No. 7 - "Boots on the Ground" - What to do when you're here! 


Tip No. 8 - Remember; Heat Racing makes Saturday different - plan ahead!

Former BMS Employee and current Chamber Director of Communications, Lori Worley, provides this great insight into some great things to see around the area. Enjoy!

It's one of our favorite times of the year here at the Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Center - April race week - when Bristol welcomes fans from all across the nation and from a couple dozen other countries as well.  Their end goal for them is, of course, Bristol Motor Speedway, but when they're not at our world famous track we love seeing those fans all around the city.

And by city, we mean Bristol. Sure, technically it's two cities which happen to have the same name and are located in Tennessee and Virginia but to those of who live around here we're just Bristol - plain and simple. Except there's really nothing plain or simple about the city.

While Bristol has long been known as a haven for NASCAR lovers, the city that rides the state line has plenty other cool stuff for fans to get excited about. So, when you're not hanging out at BMS watching the greatest drivers in the world compete on the track you fans love more than any other, we've got a few other places around town you might want to check out (also visit for even more ideas):

The Birthplace of Country Music Museum - Yep, Bristol, not Nashville, is the honest to goodness birthplace of country music. Happened in 1927 with the celebrated Bristol Sessions and now we've got an amazing new museum (Smithsonian affiliated) to commemorate our musical history. Doesn't matter what kind of genre you prefer, a trip here takes you back in time to some of music's greatest performers.

The Bristol Sign - Originally erected in 1910, the sign straddles the Tennessee/Virginia state line and reads "Bristol TN/VA A Good Place To Live" and it is indeed that. Why doesn't it say Bristol's a "Great Place To Live?"  Because residents back in those days felt saying that would make them sound too cocky… Makes perfect sense to the locals. 

The Brass Markers on State Street - Know how it's impossible to be in two places at one time? Well, that's not the case in Bristol. One of the most snapped photos in the area is of visitors standing on State Street with one foot in Tennessee and the other in Virginia. It's a great picture BUT please make sure you've got someone watching traffic for you!

Downtown Restaurants - Burger Bar, Stateline, Quaker Steak and Lube, Machiavelli's, 620 State, Shelbees Vintage Café, Macado's, Little Italy, Southern Churn, Eatz, Cootie Browns, J Frank, Blackbird Bakery, Manna Bagel…. There are all kinds of great food, including desserts, candy and ice cream downtown. Side note: Burger Bar is purportedly the last place the legendary Hank Williams Sr., was seen alive back in 1953 - and they've got a heckuva burger too! A complete list of restaurants can be found HERE.

The Guitar at the Bristol Chamber of Commerce - It's 20 feet tall and right next to the Battle at Bristol sign. After the brass markers on State Street, likely the most popular place for photos.

Music, Music, Music - We are the Birthplace of Country Music so you'll likely find live music at numerous venues throughout race week/weekend. Just check out www.PickBristol for a schedule.

Nightlife and Breweries - Bristol has three craft breweries - Holston River Brewing Company, Bristol Brewery and Studio Brew - all of which are extremely popular. Check them, and other great bars, out HERE.

Retail and Restaurants at The Pinnacle and Exit 7 - Both offer numerous places to eat and shop with The Pinnacle providing all sorts of shopping opportunities like Bass Pro, Belk, Marshalls, etc., while  Marquee Cinemas Pinnacle 12 is a great place to enjoy a movie.

Bristol Caverns - One of the city's most popular attractions, Bristol Caverns was formed 200 to 400 million years ago and was used as an underground river during the frontier days as an attack and escape route by Native Americans.

Outdoors - South Holston Lake and River offer up some of the country's best fly fishing and it's a great place to catch smallmouth bass too. The Lake is also a great place to go boating, skiing and camping. Bristol also has numerous parks, the largest of which are Steele Creek and Sugar Hollow and biking and riding trails are also in great abundance. And if you want to play a round or two of golf The Virginian, The Olde Tennessean Golf Club and many others are nearby. Click Here for a more in-depth listing of outdoor activities.

Motorcycle Rentals - Yep, we've got that too at Friendship EagleRider so if you'd like to rent a couple of bikes and head out for the day to enjoy our beautiful mountains and lakes, we've got you covered.

As you can see, we've got plenty of things to entertain you should you decide to venture away from BMS.  We hope you enjoy your time in Bristol - we certainly love having you here and are always happy to welcome you back to the Twin Cities (Bristol TN/VA)!