Digging began at Bristol Motor Speedway (BMS) today for the first of four foundations supporting Colossus, the world's largest outdoor, center-hung video display.

 Announced in October, Colossus will revolutionize the look and sound of the World's Fastest Half-Mile. Four massive towers weighing in at 437 tons and ranging in height from 190-220 feet will be anchored outside the stadium, providing the framework necessary to suspend the 78-ton gondola and screens above the infield.

 "This is a game changer," said Jerry Caldwell, executive vice president and general manager for Bristol Motor Speedway. "This fan enhancement goes beyond providing our guests a great experience, it opens us up to many future options in the sports and entertainment world."

The project draws on the expertise of multiple corporations and vendors including Panasonic, GoVision, Rentenbach Constructors and Hayward Baker Geotechnical Constructing.

 Once completed in April 2016, Colossus will provide guests with a premium viewing experience that rivals the sharpness of the outdoor screens in Times Square, as well as thunderous, high-quality sound provided via 428 stadium speakers.


Multiple technological and engineering firms are combining their expertise to create Bristol Motor Speedway's Colossus TV. Drilling for the system's 437-ton support towers began Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015. From left: Donald Freeman, chairman, Rentenbach Constructors; Jerry Caldwell, executive vice president and general manager, BMS; Scott Hatcher, vice president of operations, BMS, and; Tim Bennett, project superintendent, Hayward Baker Geotechnical Constructing.