Bump and Run, brother and sister raccoons, debut today as the official mascots of Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway prior to this weekend's Food City 500 festivities.

Residents of BMS/BD property since the summer of 2011, today is the first time the pair makes an appearance as official representatives of the Speedway at Food City Race Night in Knoxville, Tenn. They are offspring of two other inhabitants of the property affectionately named Thunder and Valley by BMS/BD personnel.

The state wild animal of Tennessee since 1971, the raccoons are a fitting symbol for a facility located in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee.

Like many brothers and sisters, Bump and Run have very different personalities.

Despite being the younger sibling by about two minutes, Run often finds herself in a position of helping the mischievous Bump out of a mess in which he has inserted himself yet again. Not that Run is completely above playing her own practical jokes. She just is more subtle about it.

They often play tricks on members of the BMS crew as they prepare the facility for another race weekend. Bump and Run both enjoy following employees, walking in pace with their steps, stopping when the employees stop so they will not know they are being followed.

Bump tends to be more daring, venturing further from home than Run but guests are likely to see either of them anywhere on Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway property.

Guests are encouraged to look for them, say hello and have their picture taken with Bump and Run.