A little more than a week ago, Cincinnati resident Brenda Rettig and her siblings informed their soon-to-be 75-year-old father that this year his birthday present would require him to wear a tux - in Las Vegas. 

Understandably, he demanded further explanation.

"I told him Bristol Motor Speedway was sending us to NASCAR's Champions Week in Las Vegas, and he just froze," said Rettig. "I think we were all a little speechless when we first found out."

Winners of the 2013 "Be-Bristol's-Guest-in-Vegas" contest, Rettig and her family receive round-trip airfare for two, three nights lodging at the Wynn Las Vegas, passes to the Fan Pre-Event Reception, access to the red carpet, passes to the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards™ and passes to NASCAR After the Lap™.

"The whole experience is going to be amazing," said Rettig. "After doing a little research and talking to some of the Bristol staff, other than the banquet I think I'm most looking forward to the After the Lap program. It's all going to be fun though. We're so excited."

Avid race fans and Bristol season ticket holders for more than 15 years, Rettig credits her dad with sparking her love of racing.

"My brother and I have been fans since we were little kids," she said. "Dad used to take us to drag races, dirt races, anything. Growing up it seemed like we were always going to some kind of race. But the thing I love about Bristol is that you can see everything going on and when the cars start up you can feel the rumble in your chest. There's just no feeling like it."

And while Rettig and her family have visited countless racing venues throughout the years, it is Bristol that has become a family tradition.

"Our second year at Bristol, since dad had bought a motor home, we stayed in the campgrounds. We've stayed in the same spot every year since, and now we know half the campground. It's such a great place to go, and we've made a lot friends. We've let our tickets to other tracks go, but there's no way we'd let our Bristol tickets go."