Brian Gerster marked several lines off his to-do list with a dominating Saturday afternoon at Bristol Motor Speedway, including a qualifying lap at 150.460 mph.

The Fischers, Ind. native drove his winged-sprint car to a blistering 12.742 sec. lap during qualifying, and then led flag-to-flag to claim the Inaugural TruFuel Xtreme Speed Classic in Bristol. 

Gerster’s pole lap once again solidified the high banks of Bristol as “The World’s Fastest Half-Mile.”

Once the green flag flew on the feature, Gerster and Travis Miniea raced side-by-side for several laps. Miniea tried to make the pass both high and low, but the yellow 50M of Gerster kept him at bay every time.

Finally on lap 13, Miniea's drive line let go, leaving him with no power to continue onward. Todd Fayard and JoJo Helberg stalked Gerster for the next dozen laps, but were unable to do anything with the leader. Gerster won the 25-lap event, followed by Troy DeCaire, Fayard, Helberg and Brian Olson.

Despite starting shotgun on the field, DeCaire was able to race through the crowd to second, and in the process, the 2011 Xtreme Sprint Series Championship.

“I really don’t know what to say,” Gerster said from Victory Lane. “I know the Vols had a game today so I appreciate the fans coming out today. I had a lot of fun.

“We were seeing some high temps in the right rear so we used scuffs. If we were on a better tire, I could have gone even faster. That is why they could hang with us early because I was just being conservative. To be honest, I never took my foot off the floorboard the last 10 laps.

The win was Gerster’s third in only five starts in 2011.

“This track is beautiful,” Gerster said. “It is the nicest I have run at. It is neat to be the one to go 150 mph. What we are doing is a little crazy. If I was thinking when I was out there, I probably wouldn’t saddle up. But you can’t worry about what is going on; if you did it would probably scare you.

Randy Canipe took the flag first in Mod-4, but was disqualified in post-race inspection. The win was given to Duke Bare of Meadowview, Va. who finished second.

After the Mod-4 race, Bare drove to victory in the Street Stock division after Josh Brock broke with two laps to go.

“I went a long time and every time I would come down, one of my buddies would win,” Bare said. “This is a long time coming and it feels good, I have to tell you. Thanks to everyone for running me clean. This place owes me one anyway; probably two or three.”

Wayne Jefferson claimed the Rolling Thunder Modified division win, followed by Michael Carroll, Ross Klinghelhofer, Doug Moff and Eldon Zacek.


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