The ultimate springtime in-person motorsports experience, the April NASCAR race weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway, is almost here!

Like any trip you anticipate, you want everything to go smoothly.  To help make sure that's the case, we've compiled a list of the Top 5 Bristol Trip Tips to help you avoid any unexpected headaches.  Each day this week, we'll share a new one with you here.  To kick things off, let's get started with Tip #1…

Plan Ahead For Parking.

Bristol Motor Speedway offers free parking, but it can be a little tricky to find in event-time traffic.  

That's not to say the free lots are tucked away with the locations kept secret.  It's simply a fact that you're going to experience sensory overload when you see the racetrack for the first time during a race weekend - everyone does!  That's precisely why you want to plan your route to free parking ahead of time.

Bristol's free parking lots are located off State Route 394. GPS systems will often bring you to the front entrance of the Speedway on Highway 11-E.  If you follow those guidance prompts, you'll miss some of the key signs pointing the way to free parking and be forced to either look for U-turn opportunities or pay for parking at a neighboring private lot.  That's just not the best way to start your day at Bristol.

The fix? Plug one of these two addresses off State Route 394 into your GPS instead, as these are the physical locations for the entrances to those free parking lots:

  • White Top Creek Park, 100 Sportsway Dr, Bristol, TN 37620
  • 394 @White Top, 450 White Top Rd, Bluff City, TN 37618

You shouldn't have any trouble seeing the directional signs once you're close with this Bristol Trip Tip. Even better, there's a hidden bonus awaiting you at these lots.  Bristol provides free shuttle service to the track from both free parking areas, which connect you to the areas where you can hop on one of a series of trams that will make moving around the property even easier!  More on that a bit later this week. 

Up next for your Top 5 Bristol Trip Tips ahead of the April race weekend: What to bring with you.  Check back here Tuesday for the 2nd installment of the Top 5 Bristol Trip Tips and additional helpful hints.