With 11 laps to go in the 2013 IRWIN Tools Night Race, Kasey Kahne moved his car to the inside of race leader Matt Kenseth, and stuck there for several laps as the two engaged in a battle worthy of the Last Great Colosseum.

While Kenseth ultimately prevailed at the stripe, the race's waning laps provided NASCAR fans with breath-catching, edge-of-your-seat action on par with the famed bullring's legendary reputation, and thanks to renowned motorsports and live art painter Bill Patterson guests reserving their seats for a 2014 trip to the World's Fastest Half Mile can own an indelible image of this year's Bristol battle.

"I watched the entire race looking for the defining moment, and when I saw those two guys rubbing fenders with 11 to go I knew that was it," said the Texas-based artist. "That moment was about real racing, not someone screwing up or about a wreck but about real racing - guys who'd come through the entire race, stayed on course, and with 11 laps to go were clean rubbing for the win."

Patterson, who painted his first live art piece costumed as a werewolf during an Indycar Halloween party, graduated college with a degree in architecture but was never able to quell his overwhelming desire to paint.

"My mother started taking me to art classes when I was about three, so painting has always been a passion and interest of mine," said Patterson. "I was disappointed with architecture once I started practicing after college and had an itch to paint but couldn't figure out what to do, how to sell it, or how to market myself until I went to a race in Mexico City in the mid-80s. There was a guy selling prints out of his backpack, and it hit me that I could do this.

The thing I noticed with car and racing art was that even the most beautifully rendered images were still very static. There was no motion, no power, no emotion in any of it; and as much as I enjoy the form and function of a racecar, the true beauty of the car is when it's moving - when it's racing. So that has always been the thing I'm trying to do - express speed, power, motion and evoke emotion. If someone can stand in front of my painting and feel as if they can hear the cars, then I've done my job."

Fans wanting to harness the power of the 2013 IRWIN Tools Night Race and guarantee they don't miss a minute of next year's Bristol brawls can reserve their 2014 season tickets now by clicking here or calling (855) 580-5525. Those renewing by October 23rd not only receive a poster of Patterson's commemorative painting as long as supplies last but are also entered to win an all-expense paid trip to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship Week in Las Vegas.