"With NASCAR's changes to the point system, I think we can safely say points racing is dead. When it comes to race day, winning is the only thing that matters -- period. The new system gives the drivers just 26 chances for only 16 spots in the Chase; That makes every single race critical. I think the changes are probably the best thing to happen in NASCAR in the last 10 years and I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing how the increased incentive to win plays out on race day." …. Marcus G. Smith, Speedway Motorsports, Inc.


"There's always been a premium on winning races at Bristol Motor Speedway because of the inherent difficulty," said BMS GM and Executive Vice President Jerry Caldwell. "With this new twist in the system it takes it up another notch. In March for the Food City 500, I believe you will see drivers trying to establish an early season win to lock themselves into the Chase. In August, fans will see a sense of desperation from the drivers who have not managed to qualify for one of the Chase spots. It should be exciting." … Jerry Caldwell, Bristol Motor Speedway GM/Exec. VP

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