First, let's review.  

Bristol Trip Tip #1 - Plan Ahead For Parking.  Check!  (If you missed it, you can catch up on the first tip here.)

Up today is Bristol Trip Tip #2 - Essential Items to Bring

Before you leave home, be sure you have these key items packed for the best Bristol experience:

1)  Your camera or smartphone and those key power cords

2)  Your clear backpack and small cooler

3)  Your ear coverings

Let us explain.

The Bristol experience is a series of Kodak Moments in motion.  (Translation for anyone under 30:  you'll want to take pictures throughout your entire time at the Last Great Colosseum.)  Be prepared with enough battery power to take all the video your smartphone can handle, to snap the shutter as many times as your digital camera will let you and to post as many selfies to social media as your heart desires. Power cords will be key lifelines throughout your race weekend.  But Bristol's got 'ya covered if you do face a battery or connection emergency.  Cell Phone Charging Stations and WiFi Hot Spots are set up in key places around Speedway property.  Look for the icons on Guest Guide and Tram Stop maps, or cruise by Guest Welcome Village for the 4-1-1. 

Make the process of getting through the gates at Bristol Motor Speedway easier on yourself by bringing along a clear backpack to carry essentials.  Your bag will be inspected at the gate to ensure no prohibited items or glass containers go inside. 

You're also permitted to bring snacks and drinks inside, provided you do so in a cooler 14-inches or smaller in size.  Bring your favorite one with you from home and stock up for a full day of Bristol awesomeness.  Take a peek at the list of permitted and prohibited items ahead of time if you plan to bring in a bag or a personal cooler.  You'll find the full list here. 

The final key essential on your packing list is one that takes some seasoned race fans by surprise.  Watching a race at Bristol is loud. 

Really loud. 

Even if you're used to going without earplugs or a headset for ear protection at all the other tracks on the circuit, you'll be surprised at the noise level generated by a bowl of concrete and steel like this one.  Do yourself a favor and bring along your own set, or visit one of the Racing Electronics locations around the Speedway to rent a scanner and headphone combo or Fan Vision set for the weekend.  Don't worry about ignoring your friends - you won't be able to hear each other without headset communications in the middle of racing action anyway. 

There you have it - the essential packing list for Bristol Trip Tip #2.  Short and sweet, but full of information gleaned from experience. 

Tip #3 is up on Wednesday, when we'll share the low-down on getting around, Bristol style.