Wrestling Legend Bill Goldberg Joins the show this week to discuss whether he will get in the ring again, how he feels about football AND racing at BMS and which NASCAR Drivers are his favorites and who he'd spear.

Here are our questions from this week:

Question #1:

You have been to Bristol before and you have been in some of the best battles in Wrestling, any similarities between racing at Bristol and battling it out in the ring?

Question #2:

You played professional football and played in the SEC, we have a little game coming up next year here at Bristol with the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech, what do you think about Football coming to Bristol?

Question #3:

?@DoggFather_X on Twitter - Are you ever getting back in a ring again?

Question #4:

Kyle Tucker from Facebook - Who is your favorite Nascar driver?

Question #5:

Conversely,  who is one driver you would like to spear?

#AskBristol Show - [#AskBristol Show Ep. 7] Wrestling Legend Goldberg Answers Some Burning Questions

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