Navigation in General

Please be advised that while commercial mapping software, GPS devices, and the like are good for developing shortest routes to Bristol Motor Speedway for everyday purposes, they can be misleading for NASCAR race events. This is because those items are not aware of such items as short-term left turn prohibitions, lane closures, traffic signal manipulations, and similar traffic control techniques used in Bristol and surrounding areas to manage the thousands of vehicles that make up Bristol race traffic.  Such devices may advise you to make turns that are not then allowed, or send you along a heavily congested route when another, less-congested route may be better suited to your purposes. For traffic in such conditions, a little planning goes a long way, and these directions were developed to make your trip as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

For race fans that are returning to Bristol Motor Speedway for the July 15, 2020, all-star Nascar Cup race, there are some differences between race traffic operations that you have encountered before and those you will encounter for the July 15 event.  These changes are primarily so that the traffic control operations are tailored to the 30,000-fan limit imposed by coronavirus conditions.  For instance, there will be no race fan parking at Whitetop Creek Park or at the BMS North parking lot on Volunteer Parkway north of Sperry View Drive.  Some race fans that have typically been directed along a particular post-race route may be directed along a different route for the July 15, 2020, event.

Planning Your Parking Location for Best Exit

One of the keys to a more enjoyable motoring experience on race day is to plan how will be leaving the area afterward, and select your parking location accordingly.  The specific directions on this website section detail how to get to, and depart from, the off-campus parking area at Speedway Parking on White Top Road. 

For the July 15, 2020 event, motorists departing Speedway Parking will not be required to go east on White Top Road after the race, but will be permitted to go west on White Top Road back to Highway 394.  In addition, no shuttle bus service will be provided to Speedway Parking. 

In addition to this BMS-controlled area, there are up to 200 privately operated parking and camping satellite fields in the BMS area (it varies from race event to race event).  If you choose to use of these locations, or park along a roadway (but not in a no-parking zone), please practice what we call “Smart Parking.” 

There are many locations in the BMS area where median openings are closed after the race, so there are no U-turns or left turns permitted in those locations.  So, in general, Park Smart by selecting your parking location so that you only have to go straight or make right turns to ultimately get to your post-race destination.  If you have specific questions about access to and from a specific private campground or parking satellite field, please contact the City of Bristol, Tennessee, traffic engineer at