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Special Needs & Accessible Parking

State and local law officials require the person to whom a state-issued permit is issued must be in the car when the permit is used. This law is enforced at Bristol Motor Speedway. Anyone using a permit illegally will not be permitted to park in the lots and risks losing the permit.

In an effort to improve parking for guests who use state-issued accessible permits, the BMS Events Department requires advance requests to help guests park closer to their seating location.

Again, please note that Tennessee law requires a person using an accessible permit to provide documentation that the permit is issued to someone in the car parking in the assigned accessible lots. A state-issued placard/tag, supporting documentation (provided by the issuing state) and a photo ID are required.

For more information or to obtain an accessible parking permit for our NASCAR events please contact Crystal Miller at (423) 989-6941.

Wheelchair accessible parking is assigned with the purchase of wheelchair accessible viewing tickets. For information, contact Sherri Long at (423) 989-6973.

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Race Lodging

Raceday Center Parking directly across from Bristol Motor Speedway, 120 Raceday Center Dr., Bristol, TN. We offer VIP (road front) and general parking (just up the hill) on packed gravel with level ground. Our property is flood free! Check out our prices! You’ll find out they are some of the lowest in the area.

Call 423-764-5454, email or book Race Lodging Parking direct.