Reviewing Applications, Interviews and Hiring

Who can apply and what's expected
College students and recent graduates in the area, across Tennessee and around the country are encouraged to apply.  While sports management degrees are increasing in popularity, there is no course of study that is required for internships and all will be considered.  Applicants are expected to be motivated and be willing to work a minimum of 15-20 hours a week including nights and weekends during events depending on placement. Please review the event calendar on our website and check your availability. Interns are expected to be available for all Bristol Motor Speedway events.

Those accepting an offer for an internship position who live out of state or a great distance from the Tri-Cities region, will need to cover all expenses of relocation to the area.

Number of Internship Positions Available
Bristol Motor Speedway has no set number of internship positions. The numbers will vary depending on need.

Interviews and Hiring
After the application deadline, applicants may be called for an initial telephone interview by the coordinators of the internship program. Application materials of eligible applicants will then be circulated to the various departments at Bristol Motor Speedway, which, at their discretion depending on their needs, will set up and conduct interviews with select applicants.

Application Process

Applications can be submitted to [email protected].

Semesters And Application Timelines

Internship positions will be available in the spring, summer and fall semesters. Applications will be reviewed in a reasonable amount of time after they have been received and eligible applicants will be contacted thereafter by interested departments at Bristol Motor Speedway.

The Program

Orientation for Interns
After an applicant accepts the offer of an internship, he/she will be asked to sign a simple statement of agreement that, among other things, and does not guarantee or imply future employment; in addition, it includes a covenant of confidentiality. Interns are also asked to provide us with emergency contact information.

Intern Responsibilities
The daily responsibilities of interns will be established and supervised by the respective departments in which the interns work.

School Credits
Some interns will seek or be required by their schools to get academic credit for completing an internship. While the BMS employees will be available to work with interns to secure the necessary authorizations for such credit (including necessary communication with the colleges), it will be the responsibility of each intern to arrange for the completion of all necessary paperwork to certify course credit.

Available Internship Positions: