The Bristol Motor Speedway Communications and volunteer staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. The department is located in the O. Bruton Smith Building, located just outside Turn 2. On race weekends, the team works from the Infield Media Center, located on the corner of Turn 4, next to the Victory Lane building. The Press Box is also staffed on race weekends and is located on the suite level between Turns 3 and 4. Specific credentials are required to access the Infield Media Center, Deadline Room and Press Box during race week.

Below is a listing of informational items that will help with any questions you may have.

Contact Office
Anthony Vestal 423.989.6991
Becky Cox 423.989.6948
Media Center Phone 423.764.5464
Media Center Fax 423.764.9619
Press Box Phone 423.764.2210
Press Box Fax 423.764.3233
Public Address 423.764.2446


All media credential requests must be submitted online. To apply for Bristol Motor Speedway credentials please visit the SMI Credential System. For further information please contact Anthony Vestal.


The official dateline for Bristol Motor Speedway is Bristol, Tenn.

The official address for Bristol Motor Speedway is 151 Speedway Blvd, Bristol, TN 37620.


To enter the Bristol Motor Speedway infield, it's recommended to enter through Gate 9. Gate 9 is located in Turn 3 and is also the main entrance for Media, Team PR, and photographers. Proper credentials will be needed to enter the infield (Hard Card or Hot Pass with proper stickers).


There are two pedestrian tunnels at Bristol Motor Speedway. One is located in Turn 4 (Ole Smoky Roof access) and will bring you out to the left of the media center. This tunnel will allow you to gain access to the grandstand area. The second pedestrian tunnel is located in Turn 3. Access to this tunnel is through the main pit gate or Gate 9 and will bring you out in the infield next to the Ballad Health Infield Care Center.

INFIELD MEDIA CENTER (MC or DL sticker required)

The Infield Media Center is located in Turn 4, next to the Victory Lane building. Media, Photographers, and Team PR members will be granted access to the media center with proper credentials. To access the Infield Media Center, enter through Gate 9, which is located in Turn 3. Access to the infield will be through the pedestrian tunnel. The media center provides workspace for Media, Photographers and Team PR persons. Parking for the Infield Media Center is located in Lots B, E and L.

DEADLINE ROOM (DL sticker required)

The main room in the Infield Media Center is reserved for media outlets on deadline and major NASCAR-traveling outlets. There are approximately 100 seats in the deadline room. The BMS Communications staff is set up in this room as is a select group of PR representatives. All interviews during race weekend will take place in the Deadline Room, with audio and video relayed to the Press Box.

PHOTOGRAPHER WORK ROOM (MC or DL sticker required)

A separate room is provided for photographers on the lower level in the Infield Media Center. Space is available for approximately 60 photographers. The room is complete with wireless Internet, television monitors and lockers.

PR WORK ROOM (MC or DL sticker required)

A work room for public relations representatives is located downstairs in the Infield Media Center and is the first two doors on your right. The separate PR work room has 42 spaces for PR representatives. The room also includes wireless Internet, electrical outlets, and multiple television monitors.

PRESS BOX (DL sticker required)

Press Box access is located through Tower G at Gate 10. Take the elevator to Suite Level 4. When you exit the elevator, you will make a right and find the Press Box at Suites 122-124. The Press Box will have Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection and all timing and scoring sheets from on-track action that day. A member from the BMS Communications team or volunteer staff is always stationed in the Press Box to answer questions. To access the press box, you will need a DL sticker. A Suite sticker may be an alternative method of entry if approved by a BMS staff member.


There are numerous opportunities for driver interviews during an event weekend and they vary from series to series.

All driver interviews will be held in the deadline room of the Infield Media Center. NASCAR will hold media availability during the early part of the race weekend to preview the action. Currently, the pole winner or top-three qualifiers will be interviewed after the qualifying session. If qualifying for the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series is held on the same day as the race, qualifiers will not be brought to the media center. Following the end of the race, the top-three finishers will be interviewed as well. The second- and third-place finishers will be escorted to the deadline room as soon as possible while the winner will be interviewed shortly after.

Audio and video of the press conferences will be relayed to the Press Box.

Other interviews/news conferences will be posted in the Infield Media Center accordingly. Media looking for individual driver interviews should contact the respective team PR representative.


Individual team press kits are available in the Infield Media Center.


NASCAR Statistical Services will supply the BMS staff with various statistical information, advisories and updates during their respective event. The information will be handed out in the deadline room and Press Box during race weekends. Copies also will be available in the bins located at the front entrance of the deadline room and in the Press Box.