With all the exciting action on the track during the 2019 NASCAR season, it makes sense that gamers want to run for their video game consoles to relive all the action. NASCAR Heat 4 gives players that chance and serves as the best game in the NASCAR Heat franchise with many improvements on previous installments.

Gamers will be thrilled with the new additions to Bristol Motor Speedway on NASCAR Heat 4. A groove has been added to the bottom lane to simulate the "Bristol Bite" application that has provided an equally competitive lower groove at BMS the past few seasons. Players can now navigate The Last Great Colosseum with a torrid run down the bottom lane or going up close to the wall and diamonding off the corner. Both paths guarantee action as cars bump and bang all over the concrete half-mile. The AI has improved as well, which provides you with challenging competitors as you decide which lane to use on each lap. This is great fun as it simulates the exciting racing action that has come to define Bristol over the last few years.

Rewind back to the NASCAR Heat 3 Race at Bristol

The graphics for NASCAR Heat 4 have drastically been enhanced and it creates a more realistic experience. One of the best examples of the newer graphics coming to life is during the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race. It's amazing to see the level of detail that the development team has made to showcase the cars as the race begins in late afternoon before transitioning to nighttime racing under the lights. As great as the cars look during the daytime, they really shine as night falls, which is a testament to the 704 team.

For those who clamor to race the high banks of Bristol on dirt, NASCAR Heat 4 once again allows gamers the chance to compete in a Modified car on a dirt version of BMS. There's just something fun about slinging around the corners at Bristol, regardless of the type of race car or track.

NASCAR Heat 4 is great for both beginners and pros. With multiple skill level options and an in-depth career mode, the game is always providing a new type of fun. Be sure to try the "Challenges" for each track, which put you right into the action. Bristol's challenge is one of the more difficult ones: hold off the hard-charging Kurt Busch and drive Kyle Busch's No. 18 machine into Victory Lane at the Food City 500. Sound easy enough? You'll have to do all this while quickly running out of gas. The end result is worth it however as you learn tips from the pros about how to navigate each race track.

NASCAR Heat 4 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Best of all, each copy of the game includes a $50 coupon that can be used towards a ticket purchase for the Food City 500 and Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race weekends in 2020. For more information, visit https://nascarheat.com/. For ticketing information on Bristol Motor Speedway, visit www.BristolTix.com.