Quad Chaos driven by Aaron Cain claimed the Racing Eliminations victory Saturday at Bristol Motor Speedway during the Beef 'O' Brady's Monster Truck Madness event, ending the recent domination by BIGFOOT, which had won the last six racing titles at this event. Meanwhile, Jester, driven by Matt Pagliarulo, put on quite a show to take the Freestyle title, ending the two-race run by Steve Sims in Stone Crusher in the fan-favorite competition.

In the racing portion, Quad Chaos qualified second with a time of 29.85 seconds and had to take on top qualifier and teammate Dirt Crew, driven by Tim Missentzis, in the final round. In a close final race, Quad Chaos crossed the finish line just in front of Dirt Crew. Dirt Crew took the top qualifying spot with a quick time of 29.43 seconds.

Quad Chaos defeated Kraken driven by Nick Pagliarulo in the opening round and then raced past No. 3 qualifier Jester in the semifinals.

Dirt Crew got a bye in the first round when Bad Company driven by Georgia's John Gordon broke during qualifying. Dirt Crew then powered past Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims in the semis.

"Thank you to the fans," said Cain, who had won the Freestyle competition here in 2016. "This is the first time I've won the racing portion here but I've won freestyle before. I'm going to see if I can go for both tonight. No matter where we go whether it's the greatest race track in the country like here at Bristol or a small county fair we drive hard. Tell your friends how much fun you've had tonight. We worked all night to get these trucks ready to race hard and it paid off."

In Freestyle, two-time defending winner Sims in Stone Crusher made a charge at the end to get the three-peat but his truck tipped over and had to be put back on all four by the rescue lift. He resumed his run and drove it hard but the drivetrain caught fire at the end following some of his big air stunts and he finished fourth with a score of 25.

It was Jester's night in Freestyle as he caught the biggest air of all the trucks and did several big wheelies to get the fans on their feet. He finished with a winning score of 33.

"We had a great time tonight," Jester driver Pagliarulo said. "We came here last year for the first time and it's such a great venue. When we came back here this time I really wanted to do it in Freestyle. This is awesome."

Dirt Crew was second in Freestyle with a score of 31 and Racing Eliminations winner Quad Chaos finished third with a score of 30.

The night also featured plenty of hair raising stunts, highlighted by the wild freestyle motocross jump exhibitions, the intense action of the East10DriftCars and the legendary Megasaurus dismantling a junked car.

Prior to the event, guests of all ages showed up for the pre-show Beef 'O' Brady's Pit Party where guests were able to meet their favorite monster truck drivers as well as get autographs, pictures and a close up view of their favorite trucks. Monster Truck Sasquatch gave rides to guests before and after the racing.

Monster Truck Qualifying Results
1. Dirt Crew, Tim Missentzis, Lafayette, Ind., 29.43 seconds
2. Quad Chaos, Aaron Cain, Lafayette, Ind., 29.83
3. Jester, Matt Pagliarulo, Deltona, Fla., 30.02
4. Hooked, Bryan Wright, Grandy, N.C., 30.29
5. Stone Crusher, Steve Sims, Virginia Beach, Va., 33.06
6. Bigfoot, Darron Schnell, St. Louis, 33.08
7. Kraken, Nick Pagliarulo, Deltona, Fla., 34.07
8. Bad Company, John Gordon, Hiram, Ga., broke

Monster Truck Racing Eliminations Results
Round One
1. Dirt Crew def. 8. Bad Company, broke
2. Quad Chaos def. 7. Kraken
3. Jester def. 6. Bigfoot
5. Stone Crusher def. 4.Hooked

1. Dirt Crew def. 5. Stone Crusher
2. Quad Chaos def. 3. Jester

2. Quad Chaos def. 1. Dirt Crew

Monster Truck Freestyle Results
1. Jester, Matt Pagliarulo, 33
2. Dirt Crew, Tim Missentzis, 31
3. Quad Chaos, Aaron Cain, 30
4. Stone Crusher, Steve Sims, 25
5t. Kraken, Nick Pagliarulo, 23
5t. Hooked, Bryan Wright, 23
7t. Bigfoot, Darron Schnell, broke
7t. Bad Company, John Gordon, broke